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South Carolina Junior Book Awards

Updated with Goliath, new Skeleton Creek books! What Should I Read Now? From silly humor to chilling war stories, check out these South Carolina Junior Book Award nominees for 2011-2012. (They’re great for middle schoolers –and might appear on your school summer reading lists!) Last year’s nominees included The Hunger Games. Which of this new batch will be the next Big Thing? Anything But … Continue reading



Books, Books Everywhere! Find any teen books left in random spots around downtown Charleston today? If so, welcome to Rock the Drop 2011! This is an awesome day-long event that gets teen books into the hands of people all over the world. Here in Charleston, the Reading Underground joined up with Readergirlz and Figment to “Rock the Drop” in … Continue reading

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It’s Wicked, It’s Sexy…It’s a Poem?

Warning: This Is Not Grandma’s Poetry!   April is National Poetry Month — and, sure, we love Poe and Frost and Longfellow. But let’s talk modern poetry, stuff written for today’s teens about today’s issues — friend drama, drugs, divorce, meltdowns, crushes, exams, peer pressure and even fun, fun, fun! In poetry, it’s all fair game. Whatever you’re dealing with, there’s a … Continue reading