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Books Need Buddies, Too!

Duets: When One Book Isn’t Enough When are two related books better than one? How about when you want to get another character’s perspective. Or to find out what happens next. Or to tie up all those loose plot threads. People aren’t the only ones who like to pair up. Some books need buddies, too! Here are a few that prove it: (Click on any title to reserve … Continue reading

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What You (and Your Friends) Are Reading

Here’s What You Have to Say…. Thanks to all who’ve entered our summer reading contest! So, what’s everyone reading? Tons of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and the Hunger Games. But what else? Here’s what you recommend — in your own words! (Keep the entriescoming…we have lots more prizes to give away. Click on titles below to put the books on hold.) City of Bones By … Continue reading

Book Lists

Hottest Summer Reads

Escape the Dog Days of Summer Summer is time for fun and adventure! Right? Unless, of course, you’re facing a 14-hour drive to Aunt Nellie’s. Or a flight with two layovers and a storm delay. Or maybe you get can’t even get out of town because the gas funds dried up. Hey, they’re all good reasons to escape into these great summer reads. Click on titles to reserve them … Continue reading